Monday, October 26, 2009

String Update

White Witch Mitten 1 is complete. This would be the right one. It is green. The left one will be red. I decided that the right one would be green because the song says “Starboard shines green and port is glowing red”. A couple of my coworkers have commented that the mittens aren’t going to match. They will match. They are Christmas mittens. They are supposed to be red and green.
I started my Fireside (Ravelry link). I’m using Cascade Eco in a yummy raspberry shade. I like my sweaters on the longer side, so I added two inches before the waist shaping. The charts are clearly written, but I still managed to miscross the bottom left cable of the big cable for the right front. When did I discover this you ask? When I was about to do the bust increases! I will deal. It is not a mistake, it is a design element.
Since certain people (and you know who you are) feel that I have too much yarn, I am working on some stash buster projects. A while ago I had gotten some black Caron simple soft shadow stripes with the intention of a sweater. Well, I decided that horizontal stripes would not be good, so I’m making a winter set with them. So far, I’m working on the hat. I’m holding two strands together and it looks neat.

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