Monday, August 31, 2009

DSL update

So, I went to use the internet yesturday. It wasn't working. I tried the power button and the reset button. The lights came on. Then, when I tried to actually go to any sites, the lights went out.

The phone is also not working. Squirm called and it never rang on my end.

I think it is time for the "if you don't fix it right and soon, I'm cancelling."

Any thoughts on other internet options?

Squirm tried on the kilt hose. His ankles are thick. I had done 1 decrease set more then I should have. Frogged, he tried on again. Works with 3 decrease sets.

I started the second Bettie's Lace.

The fiends enjoyed yesturday. The weather was gorgeous, and the windows were open all day.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

DSL and Tribulations

A while ago I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade from dial up internet, as it was getting slower and slower and not working well. You would think that since the number of people using dial-up is decreasing and the number of land lines is also decreasing, that dial up internet would be getting faster as there would be less demand on the phone lines. Does that make sense to anyone except me?

Well, I procured. The box came, I hooked everything up. Could not connect. Contacted Squirm. He fixed. Next problem came a couple of days later, lost internet/dsl lights on black box. Called company tech support. They said to stick a paper clip in the back and reset the box. Did that, worked. Internet worked for a while and then went kerflooey. Somedays there were lights and somedays there were not. Light status would also change from minute to minute. Emailed (at time internet working) company tech support.

Reply (1 week later)
I am sorry for your trouble connecting and I would be glad to assist you with this issue. I see some line issues that are causing interference that will slow down your connection and possibly even make it unstable. Please make sure that there is a filter on every device that is connected to your phone line except for the modem. That would include things like fax machines, cable TV boxes, and satellite receivers. Also, make sure that the phone cord that runs from the modem to the wall jack is no more than 10 feet long and goes directly to that jack and not through a splitter, filter, or surge protector. If all that checks out, power off the modem, plug in another telephone cord, and power the modem back on.

OK. Even I know that the phone cord length is a bunch of you-know-what. But I switched cords. The lights did not magically reappear. Then, I had a period of about 1 week when I had all four lights every time I looked at the machine. Then it went off again.

During this time, I also discovered that the DSL was making the phone go kerflooey as well. If the 4 lights were stable, the phone was fine. If the lights were not stable the phone was not fine. It did not always have a dial tone and if someone called it would ring and ring on their end, but not on mine. If I called out, it would ring and ring on my end, but not on the recipients end.

So, I had 4 lights on Tuesday, so I went on the company's website and pushed the link to chat with a service rep. I explained the problem and he asked a couple of questions and then told me that he couldn't fix the problem, I'd have to call. So I called. Not wanting to sit there with my cell phone clutched to my head, I put it on speaker. This fascinated the fiends.

Spoke to person who asked me questions, some duplicates. This person also pushed buttons to see if there was a problem with the line. Apparently there was not. I was then informed that my problem could not be solved at her level and she was passing me up to the next level of service. I finally got another person, who asked me some of the same questions and apparently did the same tests that the first person did. I don't know why they have to repeat the tests. Do they think the outcomes will change?

He couldn't solve it either. His solution was to send a tech out to dedicate the jack that the computer uses to just dsl and the other jacks to phone. Ok. When? Well, the person could come either Wednesday between 3 & 5 or Thursday between 9 & 11. I asked if there was anything later? No, 9-5 are the hours. So, I said Wednesday. I asked for a 45 minute notice. When asked for a contact number, I gave my cell. I also swung by Squirm's on the way home from my meeting and left him a note asking if he would be available to let the tech in. This happened to help with a request from the parents. Note -- if you want me to call people, give me the phone numbers!

Squirm was available, which turned out to be good as they called my home phone instead of my cell. Also, the tech was not told what he was to do. This is not good. I was also asked where my phone lines came into the house. I don't know. I told him that the TV connectors came into the attic. Apparently the phone line does as well. It is also apparently hot in the attic.

As of last night and this morning, I had four lights that appeared to be stable.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Just an update

The fiends turn 4 today. There is Whiskers Perfectly Fish in the pantry for their dinner. They got their toy coupons from Pet Smart and new toys were procured. Rose is getting a catnip banana and Gil is getting a hard plastic stick with a ball in the center. They, of course, have no concept of the passage of time and could probably care less. But they will enjoy the wet food and the toys.

The parental units were safely deposited at Dulles yesturday. As I have not received any phone calls from British Airways, all should be well. I helped Mother pack. Apparently I have inherited packing genes, but not from them. Hmmm. Packing would have taken less time if all items had been gathered up and if things hadn't needed to be repacked. I just hope that if/when the suitcases are opened by customs people, that the toothbrushes behave.

I lent Mother the brown everlasting bagstopper for her to use in Tanzania. She needs to return it when she gets back and then when I get the quilt, she will get it back.

Fire Element continues. I'm on the beading, which I am not overly fond of.
I'm on the foot of Rock'N Weave (Ravelry link) #2 and haven't started the July socks yet. I also need to do the 2nd Bettie's Lace before SSS kicks in. I have completed the cuff and the ribbing on the black kilt hose and am 1 inch down the leg.

The Yarn Garden is doing a KAL for the Fireside Sweater (Ravelry link) in September. I procurred the yarn for it on Friday. I'm going with Cascade Eco plus, in a raspberry shade. The fiends will have great fun watching me wind the yarn. There was this gorgeous fallish colored yarn, but it would have been too dark for the cables. I also ordered solid dark gray yarn for the Star Vest (Ravelry Link). I'll be using Noro for the second color.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Does not compute

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I really like to read. I also like to knit. I read recently a statement by someone who reads and knits at the same time. Error, error, does not compute, press F1 to continue. Obviously, I can't figure this out. I don't see how someone can read and knit at the same time. How do they turn the pages? Do they have a page turner?

I have started the black kilt hose. Squirm has tried on the cuff. There were no circulation restrictions. Hose will continue. Hopefully he will be available to try on the hose at other times.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Any takers?

I am endeavoring to reduce my weight. I am not loosing weight, I don't want to find it again. I am giving it away, free! Any takers?

I have been doing well, having managed to give away over half of the excess amount. What I don't understand, is why the last twenty-five pounds are so much harder then the first twenty-five?

Friday, August 7, 2009

They are out to get me

This is true.

We’ve been traveling around the state for work purposes and are using a minivan. I was sitting in the middle seat on the passenger side. The person behind me (who should have known better), kept yanking on the strap by the window. That strap happened to be my seat belt and it was cutting into my neck.
Yesterday, we were riding along and I had just put a cherry tomato into my mouth when the person in the front passenger seat said something in response to the driver. Well, I almost choked on the tomato. The person beside me was willing to do the Heimlich though.

My mother was up yesterday and I commented that Mortal had said the boys were welcome to come help her move, but that they probably wouldn't have fun. Well, it is true that the boys wouldn't enjoy the ride down or being cooped up. They have volunteered to play in Mortal's string room....
Mother said that the boys would like the stairs at Mortal's because there are 2 flights and they are open. I told said boys that they were not to do away with me just so they could go live with Mortal and play on her stairs. I got a look.

The governor has signed a stop gap budget to enable people to be paid. The full budget has not been passed yet. This is ridiculous!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This is driving me crazy. Be quiet, peanut gallery!

I have had about 2 full weeks with 4 lights on my internet box. Yesturday, I noticed that it was back down to 2. And, the phone is still malfunctioning. Sometimes I have dial tone, sometimes I don't. It doesn't always ring and when I use it (or try to), there is major static.

I'm up to the toe decreases on the first Rock & Weave sock (ravelry link). The ankle band is done for the second. The indented receipient has tried the sock on. The receipient will not be getting the socks until the quilt is done.

We did our budget last night at the church council meeting. Guess what -- we finished it! We didn't have any major issues!