Thursday, October 22, 2009

Maybe a vacation?

Last week I took off from work. Sunday, after church, I went down to Mortal’s via Grandma’s. I spent some time with my grandmother and also enjoyed lunch with her and her sister. There was grapenut ice cream available for dessert. Yum. The lovely lady on my left is my grandmother and on my right is my great-aunt. My aunt also knits. She has made Christmas stockings for the entire family.
Shortly after I got to Mortal’s, we left again for the Sunday Knit Night at Panera’s. While there, I completed the cuff of July sock, aka glove number 2 and worked further on the Austen Sweater. It is the green sweater on the cover of Mother Daughter Knits.
Monday we emptied the stash room and taped. We taped the stash room and the hall space for the entire house: upstairs hall, stair landing, main floor hall, front door landing and ground floor hall. Then we went to get paint. We painted the front door wall and the window wall of the stair landing to match the living room, as the living room wall continues into those 2 spaces. We also painted the stash room. The stash room is the smallest bedroom. The previous owners had painted it a dark blue. Mortal has nothing against dark blue, but it does make the room seem a lot smaller. So, pale grey paint was procured to do a nifty technique over the blue. We painted with yarn. After putting paint on the rollers, we wrapped yarn around them and then applied to the walls. It is very cool looking. There are no two sections that look alike. There are places that look like clouds, aran cable, dna, etc.

Tuesday we painted the hall. That took basically the entire day. After the paint dried, Mortal decided that a second coat was necessary. She’s looking for volunteers.
Wednesday we were going to paint, but the duct guy called Tuesday and said he’d be over on Wednesday. So, we didn’t dress in paint clothes. When the duct guy didn’t come, Mortal called, and discovered that he had misspoke and that he was indeed coming on Thursday morning. Well, at that point, there wasn’t much point in changing to paint. The weather was also not paint conducive. So, after lunch we went to do the necessary errands and then went shopping at the outlets.
One of the errands was a stop at a hair salon that someone had recommended. They had a cancellation and a running late so they could fit us both in. We both got haircuts and donated what was cut off.
I had great luck at the outlets. I got 2 pairs of jeans on clearance for under $10 each and 4 tops for about $10 each. I also got some headbands for my new hairstyle. Then it was off to Wednesday Knit Night. I finished the one sleeve of the cardigan and started on the second. A productive evening.
Thursday, when the duct people came, we went to Borders. I read some knitting books and magazines and then checked out the clearance. I found a knitting book on 24 hour knits and a Moosewood.

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