Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rhinebeck Procurement

“Walmart couldn’t afford my socks”
“I was a nice girl before I started all this knitting.”
“Armed with sharp pointy sticks…” I forget what the remainder says.

Mortal got one that says “Spinning because knitting isn’t weird enough.”

The York & Lancaster Socks.
I saw these socks last year on the Tsarina’s blog, but since it was a Tsock Flock pattern, it was not publicly available until this year.

Beautiful blue green merino and silk laceweight. I'm thinking maybe the Mystic Star (Ravelry link).

Varigated purple mohair.

A purple night type that has bunny in it.

A neat multi-colored one that dyer creates to use up dye.

This reddish/purple, white, green that people at work want and so do people in choir.

And, I procured a small niddy noddy.

I also saw some interesting books to procure later. The Enchanted Sole and The New Stranded Colorwork.

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