Monday, September 14, 2009

Celtic Festival

The Celtic Festival in Carlisle was this past Saturday. Mortal was up and we went. We took chairs and placed them where we could enjoy the music. We went roaming through the stands during a break. We didn’t go to the jewelry stands or many of the clan tents. There was this one vendor there selling skirt things. They are made from saris and look like double layer wrap skirts. The skirts come in 3 lengths and the lady there demonstrated several ways to wrap them into tops/dresses. We both procured. The one way she wrapped looked great on her but when she wrapped it that way on me, it accentuated my middle too much. But, on the plus side, she told me that I didn’t look like I needed to lose 25 pounds and that thin people were always saying they needed to lose weight. I thanked her for the compliment.
We spoke to the president of the Scottish Society and we also swung by the Scottish Society’s tent to say hello to people there. We picked up shortbread. Yum!
The most interesting thing happened in the afternoon. The artist we were listening to was taking a break between sets. An older gentleman came over and spoke to us about our knitting. He was very excited about two young ladies sitting and knitting while listening to music. He knew enough about knitting to know that Mortal knits English Style and I knit Continental. He asked if he could take our picture and we graciously obliged. Mortal then informed me that someone posted a video of her spinning on Utube.
We also procured Infamous Welsh Cookies. They look like little pancakes. We got pumpkin, blueberry & cherry hazelnut. Well, at some point that evening, gravity with or without assistance, took the bag to the floor. Somebeast, aided and abetted by his brother, dug into the bag and ripped open the sleeve with the pumpkin cookies along it’s entire length and nibbled on the cookies. Said beasts got in trouble and did not get the treat that Mortal had been planning to give them. My comment to said beasts was that if they had to get into the cookies, why couldn’t they have gotten into the blueberry ones? Of the kinds we bought, the pumpkin ones are our favorite and the blueberry are the least favorite.
The leg on the black kilt hose is done! It’s time to start the heel flap! Happy dance !!!! And, I finished Bettie’s Lace.

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