Thursday, September 3, 2009

Any ISP recommendations?

Well, I called my ISP about the flickering lights. I must have called at a very slow time b/c I wasn't on hold.

Well, after extensive testing, they determined that the DSL is working fine and that the problem must lie with the actual phone line, so they transferred me over to phone support. Fine and dandy.

So, the phone person asked me questions about what type of building I had, etc. She then said that I could test if the issue was inside the house by going out to the phone box by the electric meter. I would need a corded phone and a butter knife or screwdriver. Well, I have a screwdriver, but not a corded phone. Well, they will have someone check. If they check and things are good there, then the problem is inside my house and then they will charge mucho bucks. It's $50 for someone to come out and $25 for each 15 minute interval.

My phone line runs through the attic of the adjoining townhouse. The problem could be there and not in mine at all.

I'm debating if they tell me it's inside my house, to simply cancel all service and go with someone else for internet and just use my cell phone.

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