Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Apples, Apples, Apples

One of the good things about fall is that it's apple time! Fresh apples in fall always taste better then the ones you get any other time of year.

Well, on the way back from Mortal's after her move, I stopped at Peter's Orchard on 94. And, the Honeycrisp apples are in! Honeycrisp is a new variety and they are a wonderful eating apple. Sweet and crisp! I don't like soft apples for eating. I bought a big box. I have made somewhat of a dent, but not a major one. There was a recipe in the Bon Appetit that just came for slow-baked honeycrisp apples. I'm not sure I want to waste any of my eating apples like that. Any thoughts?

I'm also getting hungry for applesauce. This may have something to do with the food mill that I got on sale at the kitchen store at the outlets. I actually went in looking (unsucessfully) for something different, but when have you ever known me to leave a kitchen store empty handed?

Hmm, or maybe apple crisp with vanilla ice cream..... Maybe I should get some from the local ice cream place before it closes.....

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