Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This and That

The furry fiends are having issues. Their current rabies tags are bells. The bells are getting caught (on occasion) in the holder that their bowls are in, resulting in puddles of water and piles of kibble on the floor. So, I took the water bowl out of the holder and placed it on the floor (kibble on floor is less irksome then water on floor). The fiend or fiends played with the bowl! They moved it around and then stuck a paw in and tipped it. The bowl has since been placed back in the holder. They will simply have to deal. They do not deal well.

My storm door has joined the list of the malfunctioning appliances. It won’t latch unless I lock it.

I got the latest Interweave Knits magazine. I really like the fountain pen shawl. There are other patterns I like, but this one sticks in my memory. I fear my stash of knitting patterns is fast approaching the point of exceeding life expectancy. I already know that the cross stitch ones have!

I have finished one of the shawls with a deadline. This would be the Flower Basket shawl where the gauge was off. It has been blocked and is currently draped on my sewing machine table. The leaf shawl is now 2 repeats into the pattern. Unfortunately, lace is not a good traveling project. My current traveling project is the Rock and Weave sock. I have one band done and the second one started. I messed up the bind off somehow, I tried, but it still stayed straight. Oh well. One can’t be perfect. The October Fair Isle pillow is coming along. I finished the first repeat and the 2 divider bands. I also need to sew the buttons on the Nubby cardigan (from fall Knitscene) before I put it in storage for the summer. If I don’t, I know I’ll forget what the buttons are for and put them on something else and when I get the sweater back out, I’ll wonder why I didn’t put buttons on. (yes, I know the picture's sideways).

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