Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Things that make you go hmmm....

I really felt the urge for a shamrock shake the other night. FYI, they are really good if you get them half shamrock and half chocolate. Yes, they can do it that way. Stick to your guns if they say no!
So, I went through the drive-through. I'm sitting at the window and I notice this sign on the window. Braille and picture menus available upon request. I can understand the need for braille and picture menus, not a problem. I do have a problem with Braille and picture menus in a drive-thru! The last time I checked, most people who utilize Braille do not drive cars and you need to be literate when you get a driver's license.

A co-worker mentioned they always use fat-free mayo. That is an oxymoron. There is no such thing as fat-free mayo. Mayonnaise, by definition, is made by beating egg yolks with a little mustard and seasoning and then, adding oil in a thin stream and beating the entire time until it becomes mayonnaise. This is along the lines of fat-free half & half. This fat-free craze is going a bit to far. If you compare the labels, half the time, the regular one will not only taste better, but will only cost you a few more calories.

I hope everyone remembered to order their Girl Scout cookies! We have a sugar-free chocolate chip cookie on our list. They are hard and relatively tasteless. If you read the nutrition facts, the Trefoils have less sugar per serving then the chocolate chip. They also added a Dulce de Leche cookie. It has caramel chips and a caramel drizzle on top. The drizzle is gross. Don't get them.
I wish they would bring back snaps. Now, they were good. They were either reduced fat or fat free. They were a crisp cookie that almost tasted like a ginger snap, but not quite. They also had a white icing drizzle. Oh well.

I put the furry fiends bowls in the dishwasher last week. This caused great consternation. Not only was there no food, but there were no bowls. Well, the dishwasher was still going when it was time for dinner, so their dinner went in the old bowls. The old bowls are smaller and don't fit in the racks that the current bowls go in, so I put the full bowls in front of the fridge (less then a foot away). 1 of the fiends dug in right away. The other one stood in front of where food was supposed to be with a most confused look on his face.

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