Monday, December 7, 2009

Old People Do Scenic?!

Mother and I went to a weeklong workshop on basket weaving at Cedar Lakes last week (more on that later). It started on Sunday and went until Friday. It's about a 7 hour drive from home so we planned to leave on Saturday. Then, Mother decided she wanted to go to Green Valley. I looked at the map and we decided that if we left EARLY (6amish) on Saturday, it would work, as Green Valley is somewhat on the way.

So, Mother, Mortal & I left Saturday and headed down 81 to Harrisonburg. We got to Green Valley around 10. By the time we had done the first room, Mother's books were to heavy for her to carry, so we paid and faithful sherpa (me) took them out to the car. By the end of the day there were four boxes of books in Dmitri. The small one was mine. The 3 large ones belonged to Mother. When we got to the hotel, we took 2 of the not full large boxes in to combine them so there would be room for 2 people in the car.

Sunday morning, we left for Ripley after church and breakfast, around 10am. I had looked at the map and planned to go south on 81 to 64 then west to 77. Mother disagreed, she had 33 on the mind. She looked at the atlas and saw that 33 runs from Harrisonburg to Ripley. The info we'd gotten from Cedar Lakes had specifically said not to take 33, because it would take so long. Since we had to be there between 4 & 5, Mother felt we had enough time to take 33, as "old people do scenic".

The road went up and down mountains with lots of turns. We saw snow and scattered houses. Any collection of more then a couple of houses was rated a town.

Well, at 1pm we stopped at the McDonald's (first one since Harrisonburg) in Elkins for a bathroom break and lunch. We were about 1/3 of the way to Ripley. The decision was made to stay on 33 until we got to 79 and then take 79 to 77. We got to Cedar Lakes around 4.

Mother may feel that "old people do scenic", but really, old people go on motorcoach tours with name tags and tourguides! :)

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