Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No SSS here!

SSS (Second Sock Syndrome for you muggles).

When we went to Cedar Lakes, I took the September socks, the Flyingdales sweater, an extra skein of sock yarn and a pair of mitts. After I finished the September socks, I started on the extra skein of sock yarn (Jingle Bell Rock in STR lightweight from Blue Moon).

I decided to do a swirl pattern. I got almost done with the foot, and realized that I didn't like how the swirl pattern was biasing. Frogged back to toe. Reknit foot plain, turned heel and started swirl pattern on cuff. Really liked it. Finished sock, wove in ends.

Realized that swirl pattern made cuff so tight that only a small child could get it on. Frogged to heel. Increased 4 stitches and decreased number of swirls to 4. Went a little bit, then increased another 4 stitches. Almost done. I had someone try it on. Sock was 2 rounds to short in the foot and the first part of the cuff was to tight.

At this point, I was so fed up with the sock, that I started the second one, cuff down.

Mortal was bored and had no knitting with her (no, I don't know what was wrong) and volunteered to frog the first one. She frogged the cuff and the heel and then was still bored, so then knit the two rounds and turned the heel.

The socks are 50% done. Normally, when one has a pair 50% complete, you have one whole sock. Not this pair! I have the foot and heel of one sock and the cuff of the second.

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