Saturday, April 3, 2010

An Update

The first bobble sock is done. Well, technically I still need to Kitchner the toe. I have 1 cuff repeat done on the second. I am not liking these socks.

I have completed stitching the bow and leaves on the autumn pillow band that I started in 2006. I have also completed the beading for the acorn tops.

After I finish the heinous blue socks, I am going to start the fishy socks and a pair of socks for Mother. She really likes the blue ones, but they aren't for her. Why am I going to do socks for her? See this picture? That is my quilt!!!!!

The blocks are sewn together with the exception of the 4 corner blocks. All the pieces are laid out in position. It will be ready in time for summer. Just when I need a quilt.

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