Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well. The fountain pen shawl doth progress. Current status?
6 repeats done, 239 stitches.

End point?
10 repeats plus border, 467 stitches.

Festival I want to wear it to?
May 1

On another note, I got a 40% discount at the Yarn Garden in the March Madness drawing. I had originally planned to use it later (it expires in July), when Mortal was up. However, mother & I went to Yarn Garden to look at a substitute for her linen yarn, as the yarn she had originally picked is hopelessly back-ordered with no availability date. We're going with hemp. I say we b/c I'm the schmuck that has to knit this. Well, H had the audactity to tell mother that I had the coupon. Mother being mother informed me that I needed to use it towards her yarn. People thought I would have gotten more. I didn't get more b/c I wasn't ready to get more. Besides, MDS&W is next Saturday!

I had a Pampered Chef party last Saturday. The fiends were abnormally good. I can't help wondering that they are planning something truly heinous.....

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