Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The way things go...

I have finished stitching Magical Night. I chose not to add the moon, trees or sparklies. My fabric was already sparkly and I don't really like blending filament that much. I still need to frame it as well as wash and frame the Carousel.

I have started a new project, Fire Element -- from Enchanting Lair. It is progressing well.

The Fraggle (Ravelry link) socks continue. I am almost to the toe on sock #2. And, I received an email yesturday that the next shipment is on its way! Happy Dance!

My morning glories are not doing too well. Between the Japanese Beetles (grrh) and the idiot landscapers, the main group look like they are close to death. For some reason this year, the landscapers came through and mulched and then came back at a later date and trimmed the ugly shrubs. Well, when they came back and trimmed, they cut up my morning glories.

The budget does not progress.

We have a camp meeting tonight to go over the costs of camp. Fun.

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