Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just an update

Well, I'm still trying to figure out the frame color for Magical Night. We're thinking pink. The problem with pink is that I will have to go to a frame shop to order the frame and it will cost more money.

I have not started the tomato socks yet. I have not even wound the yarn.

I am almost halfway done with Fire. I don't know why I started with the top half. This is making it harder. If I put the beads on, I won't be able to use the stand and I'll have to hold the frame. I've decided on the frame color -- brown.

There was a comment on the radio this morning about how it was to be about 90 today and how people believed that it wasn't hot until it got over 90. Sorry, 90 is plenty hot.

I had a communication class yesturday. The instructor had everyone give their name, why they were there and 1 true and 1 false statement about themselves. They rest of the group had to figure out which was true. They guessed mine wrong. I said "I have a degree in accounting and I spin."

On a plus, we are done with camp for the year.

There is still no budget and we begin work on the 2010 budget next month.

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