Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The way things are

Well, I still haven't figured out where I've seen the actress who played Uhura. Squirm was no help at all. His suggestion was to look her up on some website. At somepoint I will figure it out.

Since it's moving into summer, I've been getting hungry for yogurt. I've been contemplating getting a yogurt maker. In part because of the high amount of sugar in yogurt but also because so many yogurts have geletin in them. So, I was reviewing the yogurt section to find non-geletin yogurts. I don't go with generic for the flavored yogurt. I found some, and this is weird. Breyers -- but, just the ones with the stir in crunchies. Not the regular, not the light, just with the stir ins. Hmm, odd. Rest assured, I will check the next time I buy yogurt, as I do not presume that the geletin will stay out. FYI, the cookies and creme is good.

The fiends did not have an entirely good weekend. There was thunder (they huddled on the stairs). And, their food bowls went into the dishwasher. At first this was exciting, Mom picked up the bowls -- WET FOOD! But, bowls did not come back down and Mom left kitchen. And, there were NO food bowls. When food bowls came back, it was kibble.

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  1. The poor boys. They have such a hard life.

    The actress who played Uhura is Zoe Saldana, and she has been in The Terminal, Pirates of the Carry Bean, and a couple of episodes of Law and Order. Does that help you out any?