Sunday, October 24, 2010


The third weekend in October is the New York Sheep & Wool festival, aka, Rhinebeck

Mortal and I went up again.  Mother abandoned us for a breast cancer walk.

The weather was nicer than last year. No snow :)

I did not finish the black hole in time. I am aproximately 11 inches up the body. I haven't even switched to the plain stockinette yet. This is not boding well. I did 4 rows in the car, but that was it.

Let the record show that I did volunteer to drive and I even asked Mortal at numerous times if she wanted me to drive. She said no. I wonder if this had anything to do with the minor incident that occured last year.... I needed to slow to a gradual stop, so I took my right foot off of the gas and went to put my left foot on the clutch and my right foot on the brake. Except, there was no clutch and both feet came down on the brake. This wouldn't be a problem if her car had the correct number of pedals.

Our first stop was to ooh and ahh at the judged items.  There was a beautiful beaded Evenstar there.  The grand champion item was this gorgeous shawl.  I also saw these really cute felted mice.

I had to remind Mortal that the hotel did not allow pets.

This is the fiber haul.  I also got a skein of laceweight, 2 skeins of sock yarn and three tsocks.

Right before we left, the fiber for the Monster Mash SAL came.  Meet Nessie, two coordinating batts.  They will be a shawl, eventually.

The day before Rhinebeck, this lovely laceweight came.  1400 yards of blue with a little bit of green here and there.  Colorway, Poseidon.  Destined to become the Chambered Nautilus shawl.

Now, does anyone know how to alter the space time continum so that I can get the two sweater WIP's done, Nessie spun, Absinthe tsocks finished, milk bag designed and finished, HAED finished, beads for Nautilus and Evenstar strung and the shawls knitted, the Embers and GwtW shawls done, and the poleworth for October Frost spun?

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