Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Olympic Project

For the Ravelympics this year, I made the Wonderland Socks (ravelry). The socks are striped, illusion knit. I decided to make mine knee socks.

I used Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock in medium weight. 1 skein Ravenscroft and 1 skein Branwen.

I was supposed to start the illusion knitting on the foot. I decided not to, since very few people would see that part. I started the illusion knitting after I turned the heel.
Olympic socks, 2-16-10

I also added a cat on the back of the sock as well as the front. Progress was made, I was actually doing pretty well, even though I took an entire Sunday to make a pair of fingerless mitts.
Steph's mitts, 2

I did the socks at the same time. I would do 10 stripe sets on sock 1, then the same number on the second sock. I was almost done, 1 sock was done and I had just the cuff ribbing on the second. It snowed. Normally, this would result in more knitting time, but I ended up having to work an weather activation. Still, the socks got done! I finished them with about 2 days to spare.
Olympic socks 2

I like.

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