Friday, August 7, 2009

They are out to get me

This is true.

We’ve been traveling around the state for work purposes and are using a minivan. I was sitting in the middle seat on the passenger side. The person behind me (who should have known better), kept yanking on the strap by the window. That strap happened to be my seat belt and it was cutting into my neck.
Yesterday, we were riding along and I had just put a cherry tomato into my mouth when the person in the front passenger seat said something in response to the driver. Well, I almost choked on the tomato. The person beside me was willing to do the Heimlich though.

My mother was up yesterday and I commented that Mortal had said the boys were welcome to come help her move, but that they probably wouldn't have fun. Well, it is true that the boys wouldn't enjoy the ride down or being cooped up. They have volunteered to play in Mortal's string room....
Mother said that the boys would like the stairs at Mortal's because there are 2 flights and they are open. I told said boys that they were not to do away with me just so they could go live with Mortal and play on her stairs. I got a look.

The governor has signed a stop gap budget to enable people to be paid. The full budget has not been passed yet. This is ridiculous!

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