Monday, August 24, 2009

Just an update

The fiends turn 4 today. There is Whiskers Perfectly Fish in the pantry for their dinner. They got their toy coupons from Pet Smart and new toys were procured. Rose is getting a catnip banana and Gil is getting a hard plastic stick with a ball in the center. They, of course, have no concept of the passage of time and could probably care less. But they will enjoy the wet food and the toys.

The parental units were safely deposited at Dulles yesturday. As I have not received any phone calls from British Airways, all should be well. I helped Mother pack. Apparently I have inherited packing genes, but not from them. Hmmm. Packing would have taken less time if all items had been gathered up and if things hadn't needed to be repacked. I just hope that if/when the suitcases are opened by customs people, that the toothbrushes behave.

I lent Mother the brown everlasting bagstopper for her to use in Tanzania. She needs to return it when she gets back and then when I get the quilt, she will get it back.

Fire Element continues. I'm on the beading, which I am not overly fond of.
I'm on the foot of Rock'N Weave (Ravelry link) #2 and haven't started the July socks yet. I also need to do the 2nd Bettie's Lace before SSS kicks in. I have completed the cuff and the ribbing on the black kilt hose and am 1 inch down the leg.

The Yarn Garden is doing a KAL for the Fireside Sweater (Ravelry link) in September. I procurred the yarn for it on Friday. I'm going with Cascade Eco plus, in a raspberry shade. The fiends will have great fun watching me wind the yarn. There was this gorgeous fallish colored yarn, but it would have been too dark for the cables. I also ordered solid dark gray yarn for the Star Vest (Ravelry Link). I'll be using Noro for the second color.

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