Monday, April 6, 2009

This is not going well

The March kit arrived. I love the pattern and the colorway! So, after winding the yarn, I started in. Well, normal needles I use for this weight made the picot hem WAY to big. Frogged, redid with smaller needles. Tried on, works fine. Continued my merry way down the cuff. Almost ready to turn heel and decided to see if I liked the length or if I wanted another repeat. Sock WOULD NOT GO ON. I could not get the ***** (insert word of your choice) thing over my ankle. The whole thing is frogged. No offense to the designer, but I will be doing a standard ribbed cuff.

Started the 1 white kilt hose. Tried picot hem on, it fit me, so I thought, no problem. Was almost completely through both repeats of the cuff when had the recipient try it on. Doesn't fit. Too small. So, frogged the entire thing. Recast on, increasing cuff size by 2 repeats. Had recipient try on picot hem. So far, so good. Will have recipient try on when small portion of cuff is done. Must also remember to give math calculations to Mortal so kilt hose match.

FYI, it's Tartan day. Google it if you poor Sassenachs don't know.

Rose is not adjusting well to his current status of only cat. He is not eating or drinking a lot and has been roaming around looking for Gil. He has been very needy and clingy this weekend. Fortunately, Gil will be coming home this afternoon.

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