Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tax Time = Panic Time

Taxes are due tomorrow -- Have you filed yours?

The brief panic moments for this year:
  • Realized it was April & I hadn't filed yet
  • Turbo Tax would not run on the available computer b/c I didn't have the most current Flash player. I think this is just dumb.
  • Could not remember seeing the local form. solved, they changed the looks. It came in a regular envelope this year.
  • Realizing you will be getting a refund after all, priceless.

Anyway, the taxes have been filed, check will be mailed to state today and local will be mailed today.

The refund will cover Gil's hospital bill. WhooHOO! An update on the food, wet food #2 was eaten as food of last resort. Dry food #2 & #3 were eaten. Wet food #3 was eaten. I even got purrs. The ladies at the vets' office thought it rather odd that the fiends were picky about the wet food and not picky at all about the dry. Oh well, it was known that the fiends are odd. Gil did not like receiving his twice daily pill. I did not like giving it to him. So, for the ease of all, we got pill pockets from the vet. They are soft cat treats that look like little brown buckets. You put the pill in the center then pinch the top. Gil likes them. Rose likes the fact that he is getting treats as well. The dosing is done in less then a minute with the treats instead of taking upwards of 5 minutes. On Saturday, I was in the kitchen putting the groceries away and Gil was sitting in front of the pantry giving his best imploring pauvre petite starving degeted neglected puddy eyes. Mother stopped by and saw him. She told him that his message (food bowl empty, food in pantry) had been received and understood, but that food would not be put into the bowl at this time. The poor fiend.

Rogue Roses has been restarted and frogged a second time. This is really depressing as I REALLY LIKE the pattern and the colorway. The kilt hose continue. Recipient will be trying them on tonight. The yarn for the second pair has arrived (Thraven from BMFA). We bought one extra skein as an insurance skein. As neither pair needs to be done until January 3, I think we're good.

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