Friday, July 30, 2010


I finished the Nightmare Socks!!

They are the May Tsocks. More info on the pattern is available here.
I did 4 rounds between the gold lines on the cuff. I was trying the socks on as I went, and when I had done two repeats of the clock pattern, I felt that a third repeat would make them too long. (This ended up being incorrect, but I'm not frogging.) Another consideration was the fact that I need to make very long heel flaps.

My heel flaps still ended up a little short, mainly because I completely forgot how knitting shrinks vertically when I put the socks on -- this also played into the length of the leg.

Anyhoo, the socks are done. The bicycles are done. The clocks are done. The clocks are not great nor are they symetrical, but they are done. These tsocks are even safe from Mother. She said she didn't want them and that my bicycles did not have enough of a frame.

I didn't do any french knots because french knots and I have NEVER EVER EVER gotten along.

Now it's on to the evil mobius tsocks. mwahahah. Mother wants them, in a different color.

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