Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This & That

I cannot believe it is June already. Is anyone else having that problem?

Update from May:
  1. I got 2 of the fibers from MDSW spun and plied. I even set twist! They're drying in the bathroom now. Haven't figured out what to make with them, but that will come.
  2. I did 2 squares for a baby blanket, crocheted no less.
  3. The Daisies were in the Memorial Day parade. There were no major calamities. The horse in front of us had a bag.
  4. I got the fabric partially gridded for the HAED, and started. This is going to take a while.
  5. I finished 1 fishie tsock and sent down with the 'rents for Mortal to try on.
  6. The bumblebee socks have been finished and gifted to Mother. Note to self, need to get a picture.
  7. I decided on a pattern and yarn to make a shawlette for the cancer benefit in July.
  8. I got internet from the cable company and the computer was acting weird, so Tiger has it now.
  9. There was a spider and web inside my computer.
  10. I fixed the glitch in the center of my fountain pen shawl. It turned out really large.

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